Vertic USA, LLC was formed in 2020 by a team of IT professionals, each with over 25 years of progressive network design, public & private sector consulting, and sales experience in the Information Technology industry.


The company began as a way to streamline the IT procurement process to provide the quickest, most accurate solutions available. Because our sales execs all have engineering backgrounds, we have the advantage of real world experience with the solutions we recommend and deliver. 

Our Sales Execs hold certifications from major IT manufacturers, and serve as your primary point-of-contact for all solutions!


By leveraging our expertise in distribution, direct sales, and information technology, we provide an experience that truly aligns your IT needs with your strategic business initiatives!


"To elevate your IT infrastructure today with the technology of tomorrow!"

What do we mean?

  • We leverage our technical expertise to bring you technology that will lead you into tomorrow; though the latest, emerging technologies are not always necessary, we ensure our solutions are future-proofed to make later migration a breeze.



Customers - First, Last, & Always

Customer relationships are our most valued resource. Our philosophy is approach from the perspective of , "If it were me...". It keeps us committed to earning, and keeping your trust.


Forever Forward

As a company and a community, we strive for growth, thirst for knowledge, and promote innovation.


Balance Is Not An Act

Even the strongest workhorse will tire. Find your center!

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